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If you live in the North Shore are of Chicago you’re in luck — so do we! We provide onsite services for our business and residential clients, and an opportunity to meet face to face. If you live outside of our service area, you’re not alone! Remote Support and Skype/Facetime sessions are a perfect substitute. Follow the link for more information and to initiate a remote support session.
If remote support is an option you will be asked to download a program on your computer which enables us to connect to your computer, over a working Internet connection. This is oftentimes preferred by our clients because it provides instant support. The remote support program does NOT install on your computer. Our support team can only connect to your computer with if you initiate and allow us to connect. If re-connection is needed, then the process needs to be repeated. This is designed on purpose to protect your privacy. In certain situation (business use) a permanent remote support program can be installed. For more information and to initiate a remote support session look here.
Here is a list of our services and rates (the list is not complete, we may offer other services and promotions): View our Services and Rates