Web Hosting Providers to Avoid 2016

Website hosting providers are a dime a dozen and unfortunately a lot of the popular and advertised providers have very poor results. We’ve put together a list of hosting providers to avoid (we try updating the list every few months). We add new websites to the list based on the following criterion:
  1. Personal experience dealing directly with their hosting platform
  2. Personal benchmarking as well as reputable online reviews
  3. Affiliation with a known group of poor hosting (e.g. the owners of BlueHost have been systematically purchasing other web hosting providers and data shows the purchased providers’ service deteriorated substantially and customer service response time has increased)
In case you don’t know who’s in charge of your website — you can discover who is hosting your website here.

The “naughty” hosting provider list:

Sheets — Here is also the Google Sheets version of the web hosting providers to avoid.