Cornerstone Live Templates Launch

Recently a client project required that we create a solution for the following problem — we needed a way to create reusable “live templates” that could be included across our Cornerstone posts and pages, and that could be updated from a single location. This is essentially what the Cornerstone Live Templates plugin is attempting to solve in straightforward way, yet totally congruent with the way WordPress and Cornerstone work.

Since the original version, we’ve made a few improvements and added more features so the end result is actually fairly intelligent and adds some flexibility. In theory the integration with Cornerstone can be much tighter as Themeco opens up more APIs to the Cornerstone builder (e.g. ability to interface with the existing templating system based on pages and blocks). Otherwise you’re looking at “hacking” their otherwise brilliant interface — something they understandably frown upon.

Introductory Video

The video covers everything from a demo, installation and usage. The video is also pretty unorganized and unedited so you may hear a few “ah and uh”`s 🙂