Alternatives to ManageWP

An unexpected news hit the wire today, or better yet it hit our ManageWP dashboards: ManageWP will be joining GoDaddy — GASP!

I think it’s only fair to congratulate the Serbian based company behind ManageWP for running a great business that has simplified the lives of web consultants and agencies across the world. It is not an easy feat to start a WordPress product in a crowded marketplace, to grow it and to develop a following so that ultimately you can attract the big players for a potential buyout. It is a great success story.

On the other hand be fearful or very skeptical of any association with Godaddy. A quick look at their blog post’s comment section should give anyone pause. I’m sure they expected a blow-back, but holy crap! There may be one congratulatory comment for every hundred of angry customers expressing their disappointment with their decision.

See, it’s not that we’re not happy for you for finding an entirely new customer base and loads of funding — it’s WHO you’ve chosen to get in bed with that makes everyone sad. Godaddy’s reputation with web consultants is as bad as Comcast’s reputation with customer service, it is unforgettably dismal!. Also, we’ve seen this movie before, haven’t we? Big company purchases Small company for their awesome product. Then Big company bastardizes the product so it fits in their big picture, leaving Small company’s customers holding the bag.

Alternatives to ManageWP

Well, there is good news folks! There are alternatives, some more mature than others, but nonetheless they are probably cheering with joy and excitement for the influx of new clients they are likely going to sign-up!

Stay tuned for a comparison table as we put it together. Subscribe for updates.